16/08/2016 12:49



PPGI and NUPDiscurso present

August 24



Lecture by Dr. Francisco O. D. Veloso

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)



Production and materiality in complex multimodal documents:

A diachronic investigation of the comic book page


The study of comics has increased largely in the past few years, as the number of publications and diversity of areas examining them demonstrates. Klock (2002), for instance, suggests comics have been more traditionally carried out within three major areas: structural mythology, cultural history and cultural studies. On the other hand, Bramlett (2012) presents a number of studies in comics from a linguistic perspective, covering topics such as register, code-switching and diachronic studies on language changes through comics. This study falls under the second approach to the analysis of comics, based on an on-going research project (RGC/GRF/HK PolyU 154050/14H) that aims at verifying diachronic structural changes in comics as multimodal artifacts. In this presentation we will discuss how comicbook pages have changed across time through the analysis of excerpts collected from superhero comics published from the late 1930s to the present. The comicbook pages are analyzed accordingly with a system network (Bateman et al, 2016) that aims to describe page layout and a system of annotation that allows the decomposition of semiotic modes (Bateman, 2011) and track changes across time. Preliminary results reveal changes on page layout, that have become more complex, changes in the relationship between language and pictures, and a more consistent use of semiotic modes such as colors.

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