The following is an excerpt from the PPGI Bylaws.

Heading V   Scholarship Commission


Article 65. The Program will constitute a Scholarship Commission with, at least, 3 (three) members, composed of a Coordinator, one Faculty Representative, and one Student Representative, being this last one chosen from its pairs. The following criteria should be respected:

I – the Faculty Representative should be a permanent faculty member from the Program;

II – the Student Representative should be registered in the Doctoral or Master’s degree program as a regular student for at least one year.


Article 66. The responsibilities of the Scholarship Commission are to:

I– allocate the scholarships available in the Program’s share, at any time, using the criteria defined by the restricted Council;

II – provide a sequence of annual allocation for the scholarships, which allows for immediate substitution of scholarship holders, acting in aid of the Coordination of the Program;

III – announce, to the faculty and student body, the results’ criteria for the allocation of scholarships;

IV – ensure the participation of CAPES scholarship holders in the Teaching Practicum.


Article 67. Appeals to the decisions of the Scholarship Commission may be made to the Council of PPGI.

Heading VI    Scholarship Distribution


Article 68. The student to receive a scholarship must fulfill the following requirements:

I – have exclusive dedication to the Program and be registered full-time;

II – do not receive incomes of any other nature, except in cases permitted by the relevant legislation;

III –be at least thirteen years from retirement for Master’s scholarship and eight for Doctoral scholarship;

IV – prove legal residence in greater Florianópolis.

  • – Full-time regime in the Master’s program implies 12 credits per semester to complete the minimum required or to be enrolled in thesis writing.
  • – Full-time regime in the Doctoral program implies 12 credits per semester to complete the minimum required for the first phase, 8 per semester to complete the minimum required for the second phase, or to be enrolled in dissertation writing.

Article 69. The measure complied with Article 68, 50% of CAPES and CNPq scholarships for Master’s study should become available, every year, to the group entering the Program.

Sole Paragraph. In the case of the availability of scholarships, during a given year, of more than 50%, the surplus should be distributed in provisional grants until the registration of the next group the following year.


Article 70. Each Master’s scholarship holder should receive their scholarship up to a maximum of twenty four months of their Master’s studies. Each Doctoral scholarship holder should receive their scholarship up to a maximum of forty eight months of their Doctoral studies.


Article 71. The scholarships allocated to new students during the first academic year will be distributed among Brazilians and foreigners with permanent visa, according to the ranking in the admission exam; from the second academic year on the main criterion for distribution within each category (to both new and old students) will be the academic performance in the program.


Article 72. In the event of a tie in the main criterion within the categories of new and old students (Article 71), the following criteria will be used, in the order presented:

I – student with lower income before the one with slightly higher income;

 II – student with professional teaching experience before student without teaching experience;

III – student with experience in higher education before student with experience in basic education.


Article 73. In the end of each term, the Scholarship Commission should meet to reevaluate the distribution of scholarships, in accordance with the academic performance of the scholarship holders, The following rules should apply:

I – the scholarship holder who does not reach the average score of 3,0 will lose the scholarship unconditionally;

II – the scholarship holder in any of the following conditions will yield the scholarship to the student waiting to receive it: (1) if the record I (incomplete) is present in the student transcript in the act of registration; (2) if the student does not meet the deadlines (of the Master’s program) for delivering the thesis project; (3) if the student does not complete the following activities of the Doctoral program in the following stages: foreign language proficiency exam, pre-qualification exam, Open Seminar presentation and qualification exam; (4) if the student does not comply with the schedule of the dissertation or thesis or does not present the half-yearly report on the day of registration; (5) if the student fails to maintain regular contact with the supervisor.


Approved in an extraordinary meeting of the Council of PPGI  on 5 July 2010 and approved by the Council of Graduate Studies on 23 February 2012. Awaiting publication in the UFSC Official Gazette.

List of scholarship holders in 2012 – Master’s and Doctoral Program

List of scholarship holders in 2011 – Master’s  and Doctoral Program