Interdisciplinary Lecture Series – Language and Literary Studies

01/05/2022 15:43

O PPGI divulga a terceira edição do evento “UoB-UFSC Interdisciplinary Lecture Series – Language and Literary Studies: Approaches to Translation and Multimodality“, organizado por Gisele Orgado (Leitora CAPES – University of Birmingham) e Rosane Silveira (PPGI/UFSC/CNPq). O evento será transmitido via Zoom Webinar, no dia 18 de maio de 2022, às 10h00. Participe! 

Join us for the third in a series of events jointly organised between the University of Birmingham and UFSC, and hear from experts who will be discussing a range of topics within the broad area of Language and Literary Studies, on 18th May. This third event will include one talk from UoB and one from UFSC, will focus on the theme of ‘Approaches to translation and multimodality‘, exploring it from different viewpoints and perpectives, and talking into consideration experiences from the UK and Brazil.

📅 Wednesday, May 18th
🕤 2pm UK | 10 am BR
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Tourism promotion across languages: What can corpora tell us?
Dr. Sofia Malamatidou, Department of Modern Languages, UoB | Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
By combining linguistics and translation studies, Dr. Sofia Malamatidou is interested in the interdisciplinary study of cross-cultural communication, which generates new insights, and challenges the ways in which we have understood how languages, people, and ideas interact through translation. Methodological investigation, and specifically corpora, is also at the centre of her research, and her recent monograph, Corpus Triangulation: Combining Data and Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies (Routledge, 2017) introduces a new methodological framework, based on the combination of corpora, for the linguistic analysis of translated and non-translated texts.
Multimodality, multiliteracies and the teaching of languages in Brazil
Dr. Viviane Heberle, Department of Languages and Foreign Literature, Federal Universtity of Santa Catarina (UFSC).
Viviane M. Heberle is a full professor at the Doctoral Program in Linguistic and Literary Studies in English and at the Doctoral Program in Translation Studies, both at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Viviane does research in Critical Discourse Analysis, Multiliteracies and Systemic Functional Linguistics. Her current project is ‘Social practices in contemporaneity: multiliteracies, identities and multimodal narratives’.

Dr Gisele Orgado, Brazilian Leitora – Teaching Fellow in Portuguese Studies, Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham
Profa. Dra. Rosane Silveira, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).