End of Year Talk 2022

13/11/2022 15:16

É com imensa alegria que anunciamos o evento especial de fim de ano do PPGI, o End of Year Talk 2022. O encontro será prestigiado por duas professoras do programa, Beatriz K. Bastos e Lêda Maria B. Tomitch, e está marcado para o dia 07 de dezembro de 2022, das 14h30 às 17h00 na sala 311, 3º andar, CCE/B – UFSC. Participe!

📅 Dia 07 de dezembro de 2022
📍Sala Drummond Térreo, CCE/B – UFSC

🕤14h30 Mesa de livros 

🕤15h00 Professora Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch: “NEL: Celebrating twenty years of research in reading” 

Abstract: NEL (Núcleo de Estudos em Leitura) was created in 2002 (DGP-CNPq) with the main objective  of investigating language processing and reading in two major strands: one related to the cognitive aspects of reading, including, for example, its relationship with WMC, and its implementation in the brain; and the other concerned with studies focussing on teaching/learning strategies which can help develop more proficient readers. In this talk I will focus on the main scientific contributions to the field made by some of the studies carried out at NEL. 

Debatedora Cyntia Bailer

🕤15h45 Coffee break

🕤16h15 Professora Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos: “Physical Disability in Irish Theatre: a Practice-led Research Project”

Abstract: Physical disability is a recurrent theme and a long-established tool in Irish theater. Characters with disabilities populate modern and contemporary Irish plays. This talk presents the ongoing practice-led research project – “Physical Disability in Irish Theatre” – the questions that inspired it, the progress made so far, and the possible outcomes. The project involves theoretical research, mapping modern and contemporary Irish plays with the theme of physical disability, the publication of selected plays in Brazilian Portuguese, and a cycle of staged readings with Cia Ludens in 2023.  

Debatedora Alinne Fernandes

🕤16h45 Socializing