17º Online Seminars in Psycholinguistics

24/10/2020 10:23

The next videoconference of the Online Seminars in Psycholinguistics will be presented by Dr. Peter Ecke (University of Arizona, United States), on October 29 2020, at 1 pm (Brasilia time).
Certificates will be available for the videoconference and information about them will be given during the talk.
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Cross-linguistic influence in L3 cognate production and perception: The effect of L2 status and typological similarity

Dr. Peter Ecke (University of Arizona, United States)
🕤 29/10/2020 – 1pm (Brasilia Time)
Live on PPGI-UFSC Youtube channel
*It will only be possible to watch the talk by using the link aboveIn this talk I’ll discuss typological similarity and L2 status effects in L3 production and reception based on an analysis of lexical errors produced with cognate triplets (e.g., Gitarre, guitar, guitarra) and a test of perceived similarity (psychotypology) of cognate triplets with Spanish (L1)-speaking learners of German (L3) and English (L2) as participants. I’ll suggest that the strong L2 influence in L3 production is not primarily the result of a higher degree of perceived similarity between English (L2) and German (L3). Instead, I’ll argue that L3 learners suppress the L1 more during L3 speech production, which results in a clear L2 status effect, i.e., L2-influenced lexical errors.


Peter Ecke is Professor of Second Language Acquisition and German at the University of Arizona. He teaches courses on applied linguistics, second language acquisition, multilingualism, intercultural communication, testing and assessment, and German language and culture. He is a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. His research interests include second and third language acquisition, vocabulary acquisition, language attrition, bilingual speech including lexical errors and word finding problems, the effects of study abroad on language and intercultural competence development, and the learning, teaching and assessment of German in the United States.

Webpage: https://german.arizona.edu/people/eckep