About the Program


The Graduate Program in English: Linguistic and Literary Studies (PPGI) was created in 1971, with the name of Graduate Program in Languages/English and Corresponding Literature. The program was accredited by the Federal Council of Education (CFE – Conselho Federal de Educação) in 1976, reaccredited in 1983 and reaccredited by Report No. 241/92 of the CFE in 1992. In April 1986, UFSC approved the creation of the Doctoral Program in the concentration area of English Language and Applied Linguistics, which started in 1987 and earned a recommendation from CAPES. In July 1987, the concentration area of Literatures in English was approved, starting in 1988. The first doctoral dissertations in English Language and Applied Linguistics and in Literatures in English were defended in 1995 and 1996 respectively, after which the Program could be accredited by CAPES.


The Program aims at educating and developing researchers and teachers in the areas of Linguistic and Literary Studies in English, with emphasis on Applied Linguistics and Literatures in English.


PPGI program is conducted entirely in English, including classes, events, and defenses.


The admission to the program is via selection process. Instructions to apply for Admissions are available below.