Open Seminar – Viviane Martini

11/04/2024 11:53

O PPGI divulga o evento Open Seminar, ministrado pela doutoranda Viviane Martini, intitulado “Queering Borders: Lesbian Narratives of Transit and Cartography”. O evento será via Youtube Channel, no dia 16 de abril de 2024, às 16h00. Participe!

📓Queering Borders: Lesbian Narratives of Transit and Cartography

This open seminar seeks to provide an overview of the current status of my doctoral research. It aims to elucidate the methodological framework employed to explore road narratives within lesbian and/or queer women experiences, with a specific emphasis on understanding the concept of the border. Drawing inspiration from Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands and Maria Lugones’s notion of ‘world’-traveling, the presentation will explore the construction of a cartography that traverses the diverse landscapes of lesbian narratives. Additionally, the seminar will underscore the importance of amplifying the voices of lesbian authors to address issues of invisibility within academic discourse.

👩💻Viviane Martini
📅16/04/2024 (Terça-feira)
💻Youtube Channel

✏️ A lista de presença, destinada aos alunos regulares do programa, será divulgada durante o evento.