Graduate Program in English: Linguistic and Literary Studies (PPGI) offers a variety of courses within its two concentration areas: LINGUISTICS STUDIES and LITERARY AND CULTURAL STUDIES. Some of them are listed below.


Linguistics Studies
Courses Plan
PGI 4101-05

Studies on Gender and Discourse

Based on theoretical frameworks related to gender and language, analysis of the relations between discourse, gender and power, and its crossings with gender, social class, race and nationality.
PGI 4101-06

Multimodality in Communication

Multimodality as a social semiotic approach to contemporary communication and its implications for research on multiliteracies.
PGI 4101-10

Constructing Meaning from Text

Study of cognitive aspects related to the construction of meaning of written texts, including the role of previous knowledge, inferences and working memory in reading comprehension.
PGI 4101-23

Reading: Theory and Practice

Main theories and models of reading and implications for the teaching of foreign languages.
PGI 4101-25

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Study of different dimensions of bilingual and multilingual experiences, including linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic factors related to learning and use of two or more languages.
PGI 4101-26

Technologies in Learning and Teaching

Study of theories and research related to the use of technological resources for teaching and learning in general, as well as discussion and analysis of some technological resources for language teaching and learning.
PGI 4101-30

Translation: From Theory to Practice

Study of general and specific problems related to translation for different purposes. Analysis of literary and factual texts, emphasizing vocabulary, grammar, stylistic, textual and pragmatic concerns.


Literary and Cultural Studies
Courses Plan
PGI 4101-33

Poetry and History

Study of poetry in English, in relation to historic, social and political contexts, focusing on war, conflicts, diasporas and contemporary displacements,colonialism, post colonialism and cultural representations.
PGI 4101-37

Writing by Women

Reading and discussion of literary work produced by women, focusing on the impact of contemporary feminism and gender in literary genres such as utopia, gothic, science fiction, among others.
PGI 4101-42

Critical Perspectives on Literary and Cultural Studies

Literary and cultural  theory and critique from reading, analyzing and discussing distinct perspectives, focusing on theory as an epistemic in between and political reconfiguration