Research Groups


INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS: Individual research projects of the PPGI faculty members can be accessed from their academic resumé available in the Lattes Platform on CNPq (National Council of Scientific Research) website. Visit the faculty members’ page here.

RESEARCH GROUPS: The research groups of the PPGI faculty members are available at the CNPq Research Groups Directory. Visit the faculty members’ page here.




NUPFFALE – Research Group on Phonetics and Phonology Applied to Foreign Languages
CoordinatorS: Dr. Rosane Silveira and Dr.Denise Cristina Kluge (UFRJ).

NUPFFALE is a national research group established at UFSC in 2004. Its members are professors, undergraduate, and graduate students from different universities in Brazil who are interested in investigating features of phonetics and phonology in second language speech acquisition and pronunciation.


NUPLE – Research Group on Portuguese as a Second Language
Coordinators: Dr. Rosane Silveira and Dr. Ubiratã Kickhöfel Alves (UFRGS).

NUPLE is a group composed of researchers and teachers interested in all topics within Portuguese as a Second Language (PSL). Currently, its members work as PSL teachers at UFSC’s outreach language program, Extracurricular, as well as administer the national proficiency test in Portuguese, Celpe-Bras, in Florianópolis.


NUPDiscurso – Research Group on Text, Discourse, and Social Practices
Coordinator: Dr. Viviane Maria Heberle.

The members of NUPDiscurso conduct research with the objective of describing, interpreting and/or explaining lexicogrammatical, discursive, and social aspects of language use in instructional and/or professional settings.


NEL – Research Group on Reading
Coordinator: Dr. Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch.

Created in 2002, NEL members conduct research on processing, comprehension and production of written language. Both cognitive and instructional aspects serve as underpinnings for their research.


LABLING – Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory
Coordinator: Dr. Mailce Borges Motta.

The Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory investigates typical and atypical language acquisition and processing phenomena (in L1 and L2), with emphasis on the role of memory and attention. The Lab uses behavioral techniques as well as eye-tracking and EEG/ERP methods.

NEG – Research Group on Grammatical Studies
Coordinator: Dr Roberta Pires de Oliveira.

Created in 1998, NEG is a national research group. Its members are interested in using formal theories as frameworks to study all aspects of natural languages, especially syntax and semantics.


ReDe em Inglês – Research Group on Digital Educational Resources in English
Coordinator: Dr. Celso H. Soufen Tumolo.

ReDe em Inglês is composed of public-school teachers as well as PPGI students. Their research investigates the development of English as a foreign language through digital resources.


GPFor – Research Group on Foreign/Second Language Teacher Education
Coordinator: Dr. Adriana de C. Kuerten Dellagnelo and Dr. Maria Ester Wollstein Moritz.

GPFor is a group established at UFSC and composed of teachers and researchers interested in the design, enactment and consequences of language teacher pedagogy, who try to meet the most appropriate forms of developing expertise in foreign/second language teachers. 


NuGaL – Research Group on Gender Studies through Language
Coordinator: Dr. Débora de Carvalho Figueiredo

The group investigates the mutual and constructive relation between discourse and gender. Its members are interested in gender, race, class, sexuality and power.


NEI – Research Group on Irish Studies
Coordinator: Dr. Maria Rita Drummond Viana and Dr. Alinne Balduino Pires.

NEI is a multidisciplinary research group whose objective is to promote the study and the research of social, political, economic, cultural, and artistic aspects of Ireland within a diverse set of fields and contexts, such as History, Language, Literature, Theatre, Visual Arts, Cinema, Journalism, Social Sciences, among others.


GEFLIT – Research Group on Feminist Studies on Literature and Translation
Coordinator: Dr. Alinne Balduino Pires.

The group is interested in four main issues: the role of female writers and translators, feminism in literature and translation, the reading and the translation of women in their contexts, and feminist projects of literature and translation.