PPGI Lecture Series III

08/09/2022 17:23

O PPGI anuncia uma série de PPGI Lectures supervisionados pela Profa Dra Lêda Tomitch. O terceiro e último será apresentado pela Pós-Doutoranda, Dra Claudia M Winfield, em formato híbrido, marcado para o dia 11 de outubro de 2022, às 14h00, na sala Hassis, CCE/B e Plataforma Zoom. “This series of lectures encompass developments from three post-doctoral researchers who are members of NEL (Núcleo de Estudos em Leitura) from the Department of Modern Languages at UFSC“. Participe!

📓Preliminary Readings about Biliteracy, possible directions: metalinguistic awareness and transfer processes

📅 11 de Outubro de 2022 (Terça-feira)
🕤 14h00min
📍Sala Hassis, Térreo, Bloco B/CCE
💻 Plataforma Zoom
👩‍💻 Dra. Claudia M Winfield (UTFPR | PPGI) | Moderator: Dr. Bruno de Azevedo (Egresso PPGI)

This presentation summarizes the result of preliminary readings for a post-doctoral study about literacy and reading development of bilingual children. Considering the increasing emergence of bilingual initiatives in education across the world, several issues appear, among them, the relationship between literacy development and bilingualism. The study follows a bibliographical research method for the selection, grouping, and analysis of sources according to the aforementioned research topics. Results from preliminary readings organized for the present lecture include the proposition of the concept of bilingualism as a dynamic phenomenon (Grosjean, 1989; Hamers & Blanc, 2004) that leads to developments in bilingual literacy issues, including biliteracy studies. Two factors have been explored, namely, the development of metalinguistic awareness in children who have experienced bilingual literacy practices and the occurrence of linguistic transfer processes from L1 to L2 and vice-versa. Results from preliminary readings indicate that bilingual literacy practices foster better metalinguistic awareness in children (Bialystok, 1988; 2001; 2002; Bialystok, MacBride, Chang & Luk, 2005; Blos, 2009, Brentano & Finger, 2020) and point to the occurrence of a transfer of phonological and semantic abilities when children learn to read in two languages. However, transfer processes are not clear-cut and may vary depending on other factors including levels of proficiency in the two languages, and the writing systems involved among other variables. Near future directions for this post-doctoral research are a systematic research selecting research materials about metalinguistic awareness and transfer processes of bilingual children in the initial years of schooling involving Roman alphabetical languages, preferably in the following language pairs: English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Keywords: bilingualism; bilingual literacy; biliteracy; metalinguistic awareness, transfer processes.

PPGI Lecture Series: Exploring Reading Issues through Current Post-doctoral Studies

This series of lectures encompass developments from three post-doctoral researchers who are members of NEL (Núcleo de Estudos em Leitura) from the Department of Modern Languages at UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina). NEL was created by Dr. Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch in 2002 and has been developing research at the graduate level in the areas of language processing, comprehension, and production including cognitive as well as instructional aspects. Three postgraduate researchers, Patrícia de Andrade Neves, Chris Royes Schardosim, and Claudia Marchese Winfield have been supervised by Dr. Tomitch and will present their ongoing post-doctoral studies in three individual lectures. In the first lecture of the series, Patrícia de Andrade Neves discusses contributions from research in reading comprehension to L2 readers’ formation with a focus on inference generation. During her post-doctoral studies, she proposes an instructional approach based on reading phases and examines its effect on inference generation. Chris Royes Schardosim offers the second lecture and concentrates on reading strategies for reading comprehension in Portuguese as L1. The lecture proposes the examination of the concepts of strategies and abilities applied to reading research and suggests a strategic instructional approach to reading. In the third lecture of the series, Claudia Marchese Winfield offers the results of her preliminary readings about biliteracy. Initially, she considers conceptualizations about bilingualism as a dynamic phenomenon, then progresses to a summary of readings about biliteracy. Future directions for this post-doctoral research involve research about metalinguistic awareness and transfer processes of bilingual children.