Convite – PPGI Lecture

07/08/2019 14:01

O PPGI tem a honra de convidar tod@s a participar do evento PPGI Lecture intitulado “NÓS DO MORRO CANNIBALIZES SHAKESPEARE’S DREAM” que será ministrado pela professora Anna Stegh Camati.

Data: 28 de agosto de 2019 (Quarta-feira)
Local: Sala 309, Bloco B, 3º andar/CCE
Horário: 09h00

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Obs: As vagas são limitadas!!

Abstract: Most Brazilian theatre ensembles working on a collaborative basis tend to subordinate the Shakespearean universe to local issues and values. From the 1st Shakespeare Forum in Brazil in 1995, the theatre group Nós do Morro [We from the Hillside], based in the Vidigal favela (Rio de Janeiro) and led by Guti Fraga, has developed an intense relationship with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. In their first Shakespearean production, retitled A Midsummer Night’s Dream: an Intrusion into the World of Shakespeare by Nós do Morro (2004), directed by Fernando Mello da Costa, the troupe established a parallel between the Shakespearean rustic amateur actors and the waste collectors, characters from their previous production Burro sem rabo (Donkey Without a Tail) presented in 2003. The waste collectors descend the hillside and invade the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, an elitist downtown theatre where the production took place, to kidnap the Shakespearean artisans in order to incarnate their roles themselves. This naïve device symbolically alludes to an act of cultural appropriation of the group, expressing their intent to approach Shakespeare according to their own aesthetic agenda.  In the light of influential critics such as Oswald de Andrade, Silviano Santiago, Patrice Pavis and Peter Burke, I intend to investigate the aesthetic options of this intercultural production which, on the one hand, denounces the material poverty of the geographical context in which the group is inserted, and on the other showcases the luxuriousness of costumes displayed at pageants of the samba schools during Carnival.

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